HELP#1 – Starting Secondary School


‘Starting Secondary School’ is the first resource available in the ‘Helping students be Effective Learners Program’.  This resource targets students starting high school – Year 7.  If you want to help your students get organised for high school, manage their time efficiently and learn the secrets to achieving their personal best, this 13 page resource is for you. If your school subscribes to (check here) you do NOT need to purchase this resource it is free on the handbook site (visit the ‘Things to Print’ page).

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Help your students adapt to the first year of secondary school with the
Enhanced Learning Educational Services (ELES) Study Skills HELP Guide:


  • Helps students to adapt successfully from primary school to secondary school.
  • Suitable for Year 6 and Year 7 students in schools where Year 7 is the first year of high school.

These resources are the group license version for schools and teachers to use with groups of students. If you are looking for products for personal and individual use only click here.

This resource consists of 13 pages covering the essential things students need to know as they leave primary school and enter the world of secondary school. Students work through each section (they will need a highlighter) and complete the regular discussion activities with either a parent or a friend. This resource has the essential ‘things you need to know’ to help students manage the transition to high school. Students can work through this guide before starting school or during the first year of secondary school.

The resource sections are as follows:

  • INDEPENDENT LEARNING: Homework is very different from how it was in primary school
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: You need to work smart to manage your time well
  • ORGANISATION: Being organised makes life easier
  • HELP: Ask for help often and early
  • SKILLS: Develop the skills you need for success
  • HEALTH: Look after yourself, your mind and your body

Price: This resource is supplied in PDF format only and is priced at AUD$29.00. This includes GST and blackline master photocopy rights for the school and the file is emailed to you directly. You can also email the resource to students at your school or make the file available on the school’s learning management system so that students can download the resource and type their answers directly into the document.

CLICK here to open or RIGHT CLICK to save the sample pages (2 pages PDF format) to your computer (if you try and open them directly you may get an error). Once they are saved onto your computer, find the file and double-click on it to open it.



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