Study Skills Handouts for Mathematics


Help students improve their results in Mathematics by learning tips and techniques to approach this subject effectively. Can be given to students to use independently or in a Mathematics class (over 40 pages).

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Not just another Maths textbook or Maths review book ….. totally new and unique! Help Your Students Improve Their Results with the Enhanced Learning Educational Services (ELES) :



written by Maths teachers for Maths teachers 

  • Save the time it would take to create handouts on study skills yourself.
  • Help your students learn Maths more effectively and improve results.
  • Add value to the services you provide to the students and parents at your school.

These resources are the group license version for schools and teachers to use with groups of students. If you are looking for products for personal and individual use only click here.

Mathematics teachers usually have little free time at school between helping students, correcting work, planning lessons, writing tests and preparing worksheets. It would be nice to have the time to be able to create handouts to help your students study and improve in Mathematics, but the reality is that most teachers simply do not have the time to do this.

This resource is designed for the use and benefit of your whole department. The following 22 double sided sheets are for your Mathematics teachers to copy and give to students (and/or parents!) throughout the year. Most of the handouts are suitable for all levels of high school although there are a few that are junior or senior specific.

Handout topics are as follows:

  • Why do we need to Study Mathematics?
  • Steps to Success in Mathematics (Part 1)
  • Steps to Success in Mathematics (Part 2)
  • Steps to Success in Mathematics (Part 3)
  • Mathematics Self Evaluation
  • Improving Your Setting Out
  • Group Work in Mathematics
  • Using Calculators in Mathematics
  • Making Summaries for Mathematics
  • Studying for Mathematics Tests (junior)
  • Studying for Mathematics Tests (senior)
  • Topic Test Self Evaluation
  • Improving Mathematics Results
  • Developing Problem Solving Skills
  • Preparing for Mathematics Exams (junior)
  • Preparing for Year 10 Examinations (Year 10)
  • Preparing for Mathematics Exams (senior)
  • Mathematics Examination Techniques (junior)
  • Mathematics Examination Techniques (senior)
  • Self-Evaluation of Exam Results (junior)
  • Self-Evaluation of Exam Results (senior)
  • Senior Maths Levels / Preparing for Year 12 Maths

Price: This resource is supplied in PDF format only and is priced at AUD$99.00. This includes GST and blackline master photocopy rights for the school and the file is emailed to you directly.

CLICK here to open or RIGHT CLICK to save the sample pages (8 pages PDF format 439KB) to your computer (if you try and open them directly you may get an error). Once they are saved onto your computer, find the file and double-click on it to open it.


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