The Study Skills Handbook + Study Samurai Library for 1100 Plus Students


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The Study Skills Handbook + Study Samurai Library is the ultimate online secondary school resource library, combining study skills techniques and mental health & wellbeing strategies.

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This link is for the use of very large schools with more than 1100 students.

The Study Skills Handbook + Study Samurai Library helps reduce the pressure, stress and anxiety of school so students can study and learn faster and easier.

Teachers and parents are constantly responding to the stress and worry that academic and school life brings. The problem is finding expert resources or the time to create them.

The consequences of not addressing these top concerns our young people experience are felt in the classroom and at home. Unfortunately, the longer the stress around school and learning continues the greater the impact on our young people’s mental health.

As teachers and experts in the areas of study skills (Dr Prue Salter), mental health and wellbeing (Rocky Biasi)  we’ve created an online resource from our experience presenting to over a million students, teachers and parents between us over the past 20 years.